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Any place where employees come to work daily or where customers or citizens come for work or to get any service is a facility. It can be a workplace like an office building or a factory or it could be public service places like Offices, courts, hospitals, Railways, etc. SFS Pvt. Ltd helps maintain sanctity in the facilities of our customers, by keeping them not just clean, but tidy and well maintained.

We provide the following services:


Integrated Facility Management:

Whether you are a small company or a large factory, we are here to help you keep your facility well maintained. We undertake maintenance of the entire facility like basic cleanliness, housekeeping, electrical systems, air conditioning systems, security, attendant services, canteen management, paramedical services, gardening &  landscaping, and anything else that you may require. With us around, you can leave the worries of anything that is your non-core work to us and relax. We will handle all your non-core worries effectively.


Housekeeping, as the name suggests, means to keep your house in order. SFS Pvt Ltd undertakes complete housekeeping of your properties and keeps them dust free and sparkling.

Waste Management

Wet and solid waste is a necessary evil of a modern economy. SFS provides waste management services to manage and process all types of waste generated.

Cleaning Services

We clean everything from your floors to ceilings and between. We also undertake the cleaning of roads, gardens, buildings, and manufacturing plants.

ClubHouse Maintenance and Management

Whether you are a large residential society or a club or a hotel or a resort, if you have a clubhouse, we will maintain and manage it for you. It’s a specialized service, where we manage reception, housekeeping, sports coaching, gym training,

Production Support

SFS also supplies trained manpower to provide production support to manufacturing companies. Whether you are a small company or a large company, we will be at your service. Our production support services wing has been providing high-quality technical support for all types of live event production. We offer multiple services including highly Skilled Labor, Design, Erection & Commissioning of Manufacturing Lines, Relocation of Industrial Units, and excellent production management for our clients.

We also offer maintenance & reconditioning of machines, heavy fabrication & piping, structural fabrication, design of tools & fixtures, design and manufacturing of storage racks & pallets, and other services.

We also provide all types of job contracts, service contracts, works contracts, Manpower, facilities management services according to the requirement of our clients.


We are also a working contractor. We provide all types of civil, electrical, architectural works of new projects, repair, and maintenance works of your property. We have highly skilled workers for the execution of projects.  

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Health And Safety

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Public policy

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With a continued rise in urbanisation and the growing demand for future proof public infrastructure, our strategy enables us to enrich communities and maximise sustainable outcomes.

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